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                                                               SHUTTER SPEED =  Bulb, 1/8, 1/20, 1/60, 1/125, 1/160, 1/200, 1/800, 1/2000.

The term shutter speed is also known as exposure time.Shutter speed is the length of time when the film or digital sensor of the camera is exposed to light.The amount of light that reaches the film or image sensor of the camera is proportional to shutter speed.If shutter speed is slow then more light will come into image sensor or vice-versa.
In simple term shutter speed is amount of time while the shutter is open while pressing the click button.When we press click button of the camera it opens the shutter and light enters onto the image sensor or film to capture the image.The shutter speed can be 1sec or 1/4000 of the sec.
The shutter mechanism is made up of two parts curtain A and curtain B when we press a shutter button curtain A rises to allow a light to enter into camera and then curtain B rises to meet curtain A and they reset to closed postion together.

  Above picture was shot at 1/8 sec. which is slow shutter speed in case of moving subject. 1/8 sec. will not capture the walking movement of the      subject resulting it will make the subject shaky.

In a DSLR there is a mirror at 45 degree angle in front of the shutter it reflects light upto the viewfinder.Shutter speed can have dramatic impact on the appearance or quality of image if there is very fast moving obejects.Fast shutter speed freeze the motion in the picture when the objects like fast moving car or horse is runing then fast shutter speed freeze that motion.If we didn’t choose exact shutter speed at fast moving subjects then it will shake the image.

Slow shutter speed has its own advantage over the shooting subjects in night.One must use Tripod while shooting at slow shutter speed.

Photographycage.com.JPG shutter speed - CopyThis picture shot at 1/30 sec. of exposure time.The light trails shown in picture are the mixture of car and lights of the car passing by at fast      speed.)

At this place slow shutter speed has its own dramatic effect in the picture.To get the rest of the image sharp we must stabalize our camera on a tripod.You must seen somewhere the pictures of the crackers that too is the effect of slow shutter speed.

On the other hand if there is fast moving subject like racing car, runing horse etc then we have to opt for fast shutter speed.