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                                                                                            ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHYCAGE.COM

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Welcome to the PhotographyCage – A Website surrounds with a learning environment of learn photography tips online.

Let me introduce to myself,My name is Nitin Sharma and I’m the guy behind Photographycage.com,I am a Commerce Graduate, Professional Photographer who is also in the learning phase of photography since 10 years.I usually do Wedding,Fashion and Commercial Shoots.
The sole purpose of creating a PhotographyCage.com is to share the knowledge about photography skill I’ve learned so far.

                                                         How I get Started Photography ie.My Journey of Analog to Digital Camera.

My early year of learning photography,I found myself lucky to continue my family business of photography from ‘Analog’ to ‘Digital’ cameras.At starting phase I got handy experience with Analog camera (Negative Film Camera called as Analog Camera) ‘Nikon FM10’.At the time of film camera one has to explore his senses to get proper exposure settings.This means with film camera one has to judge any type of lighting situations and apply the camera settings accordingly.You came to know about the result when we got the film developed.This way at early phase i waisted some film roles by not choosing right exposure settings because you can’t see result instantly.As the time passes I learned the technique of film cameras.
As the time changes we have adopted Digital Camera or Dslr.I found Dslr much easy to operate as I already got familiar with exposure settings of Film Cameras.
                                                                               How PhotographyCage.com will Help Beginners.

Some of you who are Experienced one in Photography might find the contents on this site is little basics.Yes,you people are absolutely right because here I just want to start with basics of photography.There is lots of people online looking for How to get started with DSLR.They are curious to know ‘What is Aperture’,What is Shutter Speed,ISO,Depth of Field (DOF)etc.
                                                                                    “You don’t take a photograph, you make it “
                                                                                                                                         Ansel Adams.

At PhotographyCage.com I will try to cover all the basics of Photography in depth detail.There are no classes,no mentors,no exams rather there will be a learning environment.
Once a reader Subscribed to our site they will get timely photography tips in their inbox.That will surely enhance their photography skill.
As this is timely updated site as reader must use our Subscription Service to follow it over time.


Thanks & Explore the Website.
Nitin Sharma